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Insta-GRAMMIN-#DiggySimmons FLAUNTS FAB ABS for...

TEENIE BOPPERS check out Diggy Simmons ALL GROWN UP.  We can tell he has been in the gym over the winter...CHECK the FAB TONED ABS he displayed for his INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS!!METABOLISM of the YOUTH should be BOTTLED! www.thegamutt.com

Watch: Some of the FUNNIEST ONLINE PICS get...

Some people POST some of the CRAZIEST PICS online thinking they are looking their best, but get CLOWNED for the FOOLERY! Check out this VIDEO of some of the FUNNIEST ONLINE pics and this one comedian's TAKE on them! LOL THIS IS is FUNNY!By AskTrag@gmail.com IG-IMSOUHOEZFOR MORE PICS like these...

New Music: #Pharrell delivers a BALLAD for #...

AGAIN, the MOST LIKE MAN in MUSIC right now delivers an UPLIFTING, POWER BALLAD as his 2nd contributiion to 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' soundtrack.  Yes, you heard me, Pharrell Williams FLEXES his vocal talents on the new song, 'Here'.  AGAIN P has crafted another HUGE SONG that WHITE...

WATCH: #TheGameBET Season 7 Ep 8: [Full Episode]

Are you keeping up with 'The Game'!??  A wedding for Jason and Chardonnay!?  Lamaze classes for Tasha Mack!  BREATH IN BREATH OUT.. and SEX, LIES and medicine balls for Malik!?  Check out EPISODE 8! www.thegamutt.com


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