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#RHOAReunion- #KenyaMoore issues a STATEMENT...

We all saw it, we all DVR'd it, the 'FIGHT', or the KNOCK DOWN DRAG OUT.  I am CLEARLY #TeamPorsha on this one.  Although VIOLENCE is not the way, after being PROVOKED, sometimes an ASS WHOOPIN' needs to be dished out in order to get your point across.  I wish Porsha would have...

Wake-Up Jam: #MaryJBlige 'The One' feat...

Don't HIT THAT SNOOZE BUTTON AGAIN! Get up and START the WEEK OFF RIGHT!  You are the ONE, and AIN'T NOBODY got NOTHING on YOU! SEGUE.. and with the being said, check out the 'Queen of Hip Hop Soul' Mary J. Blige getting her BOOGIE on in this WAKE-UP Jam!!!www.TheGamutt..com www.thegamutt.com

WATCH: #MadMen Season 7 Ep: 2 [full episode]

Did you MISS 'Mad Men' last night!? Check out EPISODE 2 RIGHT HERE! www.thegamutt.com

WATCH: #Married2Med Season 2 Ep: 3 [full episode]

The LADIES of 'Married To Medicine' are still 'CUTTING DEEP' Check the LATEST DRAMA from Episode 3 RIGHT HERE!!!  Mariah and Quad THROW DOWN, Dr. Heavenly 'EDUCATES' Dr. Jackie and Lisa Nicole is FORMALLY introduced on this episode.. www.thegamutt.com


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