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#Sex #Party and the #Olympics! What REALLY goes down at the #OlympicVillage in #Sochi!!

SEX, PARTY and SPORTS!? Yes they seem to go hand in hand. When you put a host of HARD BODIES, adrenaline and alchohol in one setting there is BOUND to be LOADS of SEX going on! I MEAN when you are not preparing for your event and when you are in close quarters what else is there to do? At OLYMPICS PAST there have been MANY of TALE of a whole lot of SEX and PARTYING, and SOCHI, even with the reported terrible living arrangements its shaping up to go down in history as well... and not just for the electryfying feats on the ice and slopes

It seems that officials at the Olympic Village in Sochi, Russia, are expecting their residents to be getting busy in more ways than one in the coming days.

According to TMZ, Olympic officials are distributing a whopping 100,000 condoms to athletes in the Village, which houses the competitors during the Games. An International Olympic Committee rep told the news outlet that the "distribution of condoms … is part of the IOC’s involvement in HIV and AIDS prevention."

About 2,800 athletes are expected in Sochi for the upcoming Winter Games. If the condoms were divided among the athletes alone (and not members of their training staff or Olympic officials), each person would get roughly 35 condoms, to be used over a period of about 16 days.

This isn't the first time that the raunchy side of the Olympics has made headlines. Last year, an illuminating ESPN report described the Olympic Village as one big sex fest, where athletes party hard and have lots of intercourse once their events are complete.

Two-time Olympic gold medalist and American soccer star Hope Solo told Sam Alipour, the report's author, that she estimates "70 percent to 75 percent of Olympians" are having sex in the Village in their free time.

"There's a lot of sex going on," she quipped.

In his report, Alipour revealed that there's so much sex in the air at the Games that a pile of at least 100,000 condoms has become the norm at the Olympic Village. He said that's been true since the 2000 Sydney Games, when officials reportedly had to put in an order for 20,000 extra rubbers after an initial stock of 70,000 ran out.

In 2012, organizers of the London Olympics reportedly provided 150,000 free condoms for the 10,800 athletes at the Games. It was said at the time that the huge condom stash was an Olympic record.

LET the SEX Games BEGIN!!!!



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