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#MichaelStrahan LEAVING 'Live with Kelly & Michael' for #GMA vacant seat!? [details]

We've all grown to love the CHEMISTRY between Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on 'Live' but could Michael be jumping ship for the ABRUPTLY VACATED 'Good Morning America' seat left open by Josh Elliot's JUMP to NBC!?

Get the DETAILS after the JUMP!

Michael Strahan has confirmed that he has been in talks with Good Morning America about joining the morning show team in addition to his co-hosting role on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'.

The former football star-turned-chat show host reiterated that he will keep the 9am talk show as his priority even though he is going to be brought into the GMA fold after the sudden departure of Josh Elliott.

'This is what I do. This is me. This is my home. I love you,' he said on 'Live' to Kelly Ripa.

'So no matter what I go nowhere. This is my love. You are my love. This is my job so don't worry.'
Strahan said that he had gone for meetings with GMA executives but they had not yet finalized how he would juggle his work on the two shows- both of which air on ABC and are Disney productions.

So in essence, he isn't LEAVING, 'LIVE' but will ALSO be on 'GMA' and during football season he will also still be a Fox Sports correspondent. Strahan will appear on a few segments a week before shuttling a mile north to film 'Live'.




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