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The Charismatic Flow of Nicoye Banks

Heart, Endurance, Professionalism, Passion...These are the characteristics of the next A-List actor you will soon hear more about. Many have seen Nicoye Banks in the movie, Brooklyn's Finest, with Don Cheadle, Wesley Snipes, Richard Gere and Ethan Hawke. Others may have seen him in the action-thriller, Green Zone with Matt Damon. Both major motion movies debuted days apart from each other in 2010.

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Tackling the Power Moves of Jessica Danielle

From the creator of Playerpersective.com comes a prolific writer who delivers compelling perspectives on sports figures. Graduating Magna cum laude from Temple University in Political Science, she has experience working campaigns for politicians, speechwriting and being a spokesperson for many high-level executives and celebrities. Renowned for her political writing and quotes, she's drawing national media attention by becoming a major force in the sports industry!

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Connecting With the Virtual World of Eddy Inserra CEO of ItsMyURLs.com

Always the consummate thinker, Eddy Inserra is poised to take the wave of social media onto another level. As the co-founder of Itsmyurls.com, he's helping people connect much easier with others. Instead of possessing several social media addresses, now individuals and businesses only need one address to promote all of your links. Here's what Eddy had to say about this groundbreaking service!

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Ladyfire: The Making of a Mogul

In an era where opportunity knocks few, far and between, here comes a lady whose fire is finding a way towards success. Ladyfire is a whole brand by itself...an author, a model, entrepreneur, motivator, a mother and an actress. Check out what makes this mogul in the making!

You have the makings of a true mogul... So tell me a little bit about yourself?

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Exclusive Interview with Cherie Johnson: Walking a Different Path

Do you remember the 80's TV show Punky Brewster with Soliel Moon Frye and Brandon the dog? If you do, you'll also remember her best friend, Cherie Johnson who was also on the show. Her body of work includes her memorable role as Maxine in the 90's hit TV show Family Matters, The Parkers and Days of Our Lives. Today, she's writing, producing films, co-hosting a radio show and participating in several charities. Along with a children's book series, she has several books out including her first one, Around the World Twice.

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2011 NFL Draft Prospect University of Miami Corner back Brandon Harris Exclusive

Considered one of the top cornerback prospects in the upcoming draft, Brandon Harris is the prototype of the perfect football player. At a shade under 6 feet tall, 195 pounds and lightening quick...plus possessing the mentality of opposing quarterbacks...he's an offensive squad's nightmare! He was the starting cornerback of U-Miami's team that ranked second in the nation in both pass defense and pass efficiency throughout the 2010 regular season. A lot of this production was due to his part.

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Exclusive: The Humble Soul of Jarvis Green player for the Houston Texans

How can a professional athlete, who never played or watched sports at a young age, become a two-time Super Bowl Champion? Meet Jarvis Green - a humble guy who took what he learned in life and molded it. An advocate for single mothers, he strives to make living easier for those who struggle in life. A seasoned entrepreneur, he currently owns his own company. A leader on the football field, he's been named as the Defensive Player of the Week several times throughout his career. Recently, we got an opportunity to speak with him in this exclusive interview!


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The Dedication and Consistency of Rahman Grayson

Dedication and Consistency: Two words that has equaled success for not only trainer Rahman Grayson, but his clients as well.

Grayson is the founder of AEIM (Athletes and Entertainers in Motion) a full service personal fitness training organization that features fitness training, nutrition counseling, massage therapy, and a recently implemented life coaching division.

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Mz. Berry - Reality Before and After the Show

Who is Mz. Berry? Just another reality star with a boatload of emotional baggage and an eye on continuous dating show stardom? Not exactly. According to the season 2 For the Love of Ray J winner, the Mz. Berry persona is not much different from the real Connie Devereaux, and besides an admitted overload of on-screen tears, she harbors few negative feeling s regarding the television experience. Even following a raucous reunion show and subsequent fizzle in romantic sizzle, she remains upbeat and positive; Just don't expect any 'For the Love of Mz. Berry' type of show anytime soon.

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Florina Flo Kaja - Fever Magazine Exclusive

She was arguably the most unlikely reality show role model; certainly not expected to be a fan favorite amidst the highly volatile and attention hungry co-stars. So how did an Albanian American, bisexual, Muslim become season 4's ultimate Bad Girl Club member? Well, the lady known as "Flo" cuts right to the chase on the topics of what turned events in her favor on the Oxygen network hit show and how a non-competitive reality series turned into an ego-tripping and sometimes ugly rivalry of personality.

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