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3 Years Later - Michael Jackson's Legacy Still Lives On

Where were you on this day back in 2009? Me? I was on my way home from work, just making my way through the grueling Atlanta traffic, when I hear V-103 Radio Host, Ryan Cameron announce that pop legend, and music icon Michael Jackson had passed away.

It was one of those times when you really have to take a moment, turn on your hazard lights and pull to the side of the road to gather your thoughts. I was in shock-- total and utter disbelief. My phone began ringing off the hook; first my cousin in California called, then my best friend in Texas, then another friend in D.C. After a while, I just couldn't take anymore calls. I needed a moment to myself to fully absorb what was going on here.

The reports coming in were all so sketchy in the beginning; first Michael had succumbed to an overdose, then a heart attack, then unknown causes. It was just all a mess for those of us who really wanted answers as to how, how on God's green Earth can a man that brought so much joy and moments of greatness to the world be gone in an instant?

I remember growing up, we would watch "Thriller" almost on a daily basis. I know it's crazy, but my grandfather absolutely looooooooved it! We would even watch the second part, "The Making of Thriller". My grandfather would just get so tickled seeing Michael in all that make-up all while executing such gracefully skilled moves. It was a sight to see that's for sure.

Michael Jackson is one of those individuals who the spotlight always shined upon- whether good or bad. From exceedingly magnanimous applause to shameful and hurtful ridicule, Michael barred it all. He broke down more than his fair share of barriers, but he also built them around him. He was no stranger to lonely days and tearful nights, but it didn't stop his fame and humanitarianism from reaching heights unimaginable.

A lot of Michael's fans grew up with him and his brothers who comprise The Jackson 5. We watched his sister Janet rise in the ranks to becoming one of the top female performers in history as well as an outstanding actress. So in a sense, the Jackson family was like our own family. They were a part of us. Michael told us it didn't matter if we're black or white because we were all the same at the end of the day.

Fans around the world laughed when Michael laughed; cried when he cried, and even felt the pangs of the media onslaught when inquiries of his private life and personal behaviors came into question.

Despite all of this, we will never forget Michael. He gave us 45 years of being blessed with his melodic voice, the opulence of his stage presence, and the humility of a man who not only knew how to live like a King, but to give back to the world as if he lived intertwined within our own communites.

No matter how you may have felt about Michael, there is no denying that he is the greatest that ever did it. "IT" can be anything you can think of that Michael did that may have been done by everyone else, but just not on Mike's level. The KING OF POP will forever and always be missed by fans worldwide and his legacy for live on throughout eternity. Rest well Michael.


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