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Video Meltdown: Guy Loses It Inside T-Mobile Store

I cannot be the only person that feels this man's pain? How many times have you just wanted to throw your cell phone out the window, into moving traffic, and hope that it catches on fire? Just me? Or better yet, you received crappy customer service from the in-store reps and felt like doing exactly what this guy did... still just me??? Well, I completely empathize with the man in this video.

Apparently this guy lost all patience with everyone in the T-Mobile store in Manchester. For reasons unbeknownst to us, the man begins to tear the store down... piece by piece. He methodically begins to rip down every hanging and standing in the room before dousing it all with a fire extinguisher apparently grabbed at random. A store clerk, who is present the whole time, shows hilarious disregard for the mindless destruction while on the phone waiting for police to arrive. Eventually they do, and the mysterious miscreant is walked away in handcuffs. Is this the beginning of the wireless customer uprising? Lesson learned T-Mobile? Get it together.


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