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Mortal Kombat X

The original version of this game had many memorable fist pounding and blood curdling scenes, but with introduction of Mortal Kombat X, the entire nightmare comes back to life. The fans yearning for real, blood thirsty action will not be disappointed in the latest release.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Features incorporated in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are remarkable, making it one of today's hottest phones on the market along with Apple's new iPhone 6! The Galaxy Note 4 is not just flashy, but also a highly effective device made for getting things done.

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Samsung Galaxy S6

Is this the best Smartphone to date? Obviously Samsung needed a cutting edge gadget succession after the Galaxy S4 rot and S5 plastic-clad features. Nonetheless, no one projected Galaxy S6 will be so superior to its predecessors.

The Design

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