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Miley Cyrus Teases New Music on Instagram - Video

Miley Cyrus is back in the recording studio and might be getting ready to spring a surprise on her fans by unleashing a new song soon. Over the weekend, the former Disney star took to social media to tease a beautiful ballad with an Instagram video.

From the caption, we gather that she’s working with good friend Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, either on this particular record or elsewhere on the material.

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Amazon Employee Steals over $18,000 from Gift Cards

In little more than one year, a former employee at Amazon stole $18,260 from gift cards she issued, leaving customers with useless vouchers; the money was transferred to two accounts which have been found to be almost empty.

23-year-old Amanda Budurka worked at an Amazon fulfillment office in West Pittston and was caught after Martin Rakaczewski, loss prevention manager, was notified that customers complained about their gift cards not being accepted into the system or having no credit attached.

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Harrison Ford Injured In Plane Crash

Actor Harrison Ford suffered gashes to the head after a small plane he was piloting crash landed at an L.A. golf course Wednesday, TMZ reported.

The entertainment website reported that Ford, 72, was piloting what appeared to be a vintage 2-seater plane when something went wrong and the plane crashed into Penmar golf course in Venice, California.

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Chris Brown denied entry to Canada, cancels tour dates

Chris Brown tweeted Tuesday that he's been denied entrance into Canada and that his shows in Montreal and Toronto have been drop. 

The Grammy-winning R&B vocalist was booked to perform at the Bell Center in Montreal on Tuesday and the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Wednesday night. 

Chestnut said in a tweet the "good people of the Canadian government wouldn't allow me entry. I'll be back this summer and will hopefully see all my Canadian fans!"

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Iggy Azalea Quiting Twitter Over Bikini Photos After Being Cyber Bullies

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has long been using her social networking accounts, particularly her Twitter feed, for just about anything from dealing with business matters together management or major publications, to settling or starting beefs with rappers, and shooting down any criticism about the acquations of cultural high jacking.

A few hours ago, Iggy no longer is on Twitter. Her account remains active and it’s still being updated regularly, but only with official info posted by her management, because she’s had it social media for a while.

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Jay Z Sued by alledged 21-Year-Old son, Rymir Satterthwaite

According to reports, Jay has at least 3 illegitimate kids

Just as the dust had started to settle on reports that Jay Z and Beyonce’s marriage was either a sham or one foot in the grave and that divorce was imminent, here’s another story that could potentially ruin things between the two.

A 21-year-old man and aspiring rapper from New Jersey is taking Jay Z to court over claims t
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The Taylor Swift, Kanye West Duet Is Happening After All

A week ago, shortly after 2015 Grammy Kanye West sitting in a phone interview with Ryan Seacrest and oh-so-casually dropped a bombshell: he would love to collaborate with new BBF Taylor Swift.

In fact, he teased, had already talked a bit. Considering how rude he was to her in 2009 and how he dissed her work when he snatched an award from her hands (at the MTV Video Music Awards) to say that Beyonce deserved it, even the possibility of a Duet with these two was crazy.

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Vanilla Ice Charged With Grand Theft and Burglary

Former rap and home improvement star Vanilla Ice has been arrested on suspicion of burglary and theft in the US state of Florida, police say.

Sources say the rapper Vanilla Ice, also known as Robert Van Winkle, is suspected of stealing property near a house he was working on in the town of Lantana.

Police say that some of the stolen items, including furniture and bicycles, were found at his home.

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