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Out With the Bowl, In With the New

The BCS Presidential Oversight Committee will meet today in Washington DC to hopefully finalize a decision on how to impliment a 4 seeded playoff division to crown the College Football National Champion.

College Football fans have been begging for a playoff format for many years. And if things go as expected, the fans may receive their wish as early as 2014.

The Presidential Oversight Committee is comprised of 12 university chief executive officers. The decision to move forward with the playoff format is expected to go through because conference commissioners announced last week that they have all reached a general concensus on the idea.

However the decision was not met without opposition as Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany and Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott vehemently favored a plus-1 format, in which all bowl games would be played, and the top 2 teams would move on to play for the National Title.

One of the issues that they will have to discuss is exactly who will comprise the committee that selects the four teams to play in the playoff round?

I must admit that I am very excited about the new format, but there is a small part of me that will miss the bowl games. Watching the BCS Bowl Games, for me, is like watching 5 championship games in one season. The BCS Bowl Games have been a part of College Football tradition for many years, and I feel this will leave a slight bittersweet feeling to those who enjoy watching the games as much as I do.



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