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Beyonce and Jay Help Solange Bring In Her 26th Birthday

Happy 26th birthday Solange!!!! Well, her birthday was actually on the 24th, but you get the picture.

Big sister Beyonce and brother-in-law Jay-Z, helped Solo bring her 26th birthday over the weekend in London.

On Sunday, Queen Bey took Solonge on a helicopter ride over the English countryside, to which Solonge posted a picture on her twitter and instagram stating:

And the party begins..........:)

Although that may seem like a wondefully fabulous birthday surprise, BIL Jay had other things in mind. While in London at the BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend event, H.O.V. was backstage where he had just finished headlining—when the clock struck midnight and in true big timer fashion, Jay wheels out a cake and champagne and got everybody singing "Happy Birthday," much to the surprise and embarrassment of Solange.

She later tweeted out via Instagram a picture of her and Beyoncé posing on the festival grounds, along with the caption:

"We. Are. Family."



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