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R. Kelly Halts Album/Memoir Promo Tour Due To Illness

With his new album, Write Me Back, and his highly, and I do mean, HIGHLY anticipated memoir, “SoulaCoaster”, both on the breach of spilling out to millions who’ve been waiting with bated breath, R. Kelly has had to cancel all of his promotion stops due to a sudden illness.

The 45-year old, self proclaimed Mr. Foreplay, has fallen ill and no one knows exactly what the problem is at this moment.

Kells was on his way to New York in an effort to promote the album and memoir when he all of a sudden, didn’t feel well and had to turn back to Chicago to receive immediate medical treatment.

Earlier today, his publicist released a statement saying, “Initial indications are that he is suffering from complications from surgery he had last year to treat an abscess on his vocal cords,” said his rep.

As a result of all of this, he has had to cancel appearances on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and NBC’s “Today” as well as a book party that was being held in his honor. It is unclear how long he will be out of commission.

R. Kelly was just in Atlanta on June 16 making a special appearance at the V-103 Car and Bike Show and seemed to be in good health and even better spirits as he even partied all night at a local hot spot.

Last summer, Kelly underwent emergency throat surgery to drain an abscess on one of his tonsils. He made a quick recovery, thanking his fans for their support in an online video.


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