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Matt Sandusky Alleges Father, Jerry Sandusky of Abusing Him

Although Matt Sandusky is adopted, the pain and torment of abuse from someone who is supposed to be your protector, is still something that no one can shake.

As jurors began their deliberations on the 48 charges that have been brought against the former Penn State assistant coach, lawyers issued a statement Thursday naming Matt Sandusky, stating that the 33-year-old had been prepared to testify on behalf of prosecutors at his father's sex abuse trial.

Matt Sandusky, who is one of six of Jerry and Dottie Sandusky’s adopted children, contacted the attorneys stating that he too, was a victim of Jerry Sandusky’s.

The statement issued by Matt’s attorney’s did not disclose any details regarding the alleged abuse but it did state that Matt and his wife wanted the media to respect their privacy during this time.

Matt Sandusky went to live with Sandusky and his wife, Dottie, as a foster child and was adopted by them as an adult. Almost immediately following the arrest of Jerry Sandusky in November 2011, Matt’s ex-wife went to court to obtain a restraining order barring her children from sleeping over at her former in-laws home. At around the same time, details emerged that Matt Sandusky had attempted suicide just four months after first going to live with the couple in 1995. He had come into the home through The Second Mile charity, which Jerry Sandusky founded, and was first a foster child before being legally adopted.


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