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Quincy Jones Takes Shot At Diddy's Musical Prowess

Yesterday, at a Spotify event to announce the music software companies latest advent, music mogul Quincy Jones took a slight jab at Mr. Take That Take That, Diddy, saying Diddy, ""couldn't recognize a B-flat if it hit him."

Of course Jones is one of the greatest music producers of all time, with legendary artists such as Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Donna Summer and Michael Jackson all under his belt, he surely is someone who can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Instead, said Jones, the Bad Boy mogul is more marketing whiz than musical genius. "[Diddy] has a doctorate in marketing," Jones said, according to Web site The Wrap. "He's got clothes companies and Ciroc vodka."

Diddy also recently took a negative review from fellow rapper 50 Cent, who told radio station Power 92 that Diddy's 2010 hip-hop effort, "Diddy Dirty Money," was "garbage."

The event held yesterday for Spotify was one in which Jones, DJ Tiesto, Operation Ivy expats Rancid, all got together to create the first series of artist apps for Spotify, which can all be downloaded now through the desktop versions's left navigation bar. 



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