Remember the Fappening? Behold Fappening 2.0 has begun. New Leaks include Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried

The images that have been leaking online since Tuesday night range from regular selfies to explicitly sexual photos. If we’re to believe a screenshot from one of the original 4chan threads, more such images are about to be posted over the next few days, indicating this is just the start for The Fappening 2.0, in reference to the 2014 iCloud hacking of celebrity pictures.

Violation of Privacy

Of course, if this is just the beginning of another massive photo leak we’ll know more in the next few days. Either way, it’s never ok to look at these photos because it’s a violation of privacy, regardless of how they ended up online. These actresses are victims of a crime, something that hackers being sentenced to prison can attest for.

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