Nipsey Hussle Finally Announces “Victory Lap” Album

After a long hold-up since 2014, Nipsey Hussle finally announced on the 6th of April thru twitter that his “Victory Lap” album is full-fledged done and, ready to go.

Still no launch date with only “an update coming soon”, he tweets. Giving Nipsey Hussle fans a great discharge of tension from waiting, and confidence that 2017 will be another year for Neighborhood Nip & commendable music.

Crenshaw’s triumphant rap artist Nipsey Hussle has been down so many blessed boulevards and keeps giving the music scene a story to follow from beginning days with albums such as Slauson Boy, Hussle in the House, &  The Marathon he has delivered to us nothing, but scalding hot unforgettable lyrics. Which nowadays an artist as himself is labeled as “Woke”. Spitting heavy knowledge to his fans and all young ones looking up to him.

“All money in, no money out.” is his motto, and he’s not lying. Nip, not only dominates with his music and all his actions can vouch for it. Taking on another business venture by opening up a hair store named Elite Human Hair,  located just minutes aways from his other store, The Marathon Clothing on Slauson Ave. We can say his savvy ways of him using his winnings to keep on winning is paying off. Elite hair opened up back in October of last year.

And that’s not all this money motivated man is dishing out, right along after he linked up with The Cure Company and unveiled his first official strand of marijuana, “Marathon OG”. Available for purchase at Downtown Patient Group, in LA.

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