New Police Body Camera Footage Found Allegedly Shows Officers Planting Drugs

On Monday, a second video emerged from police body camera footage showing what appears to be drugs being planted at the scene where two innocent people were arrested.

The new video shows a Baltimore police officer apparently planting drugs inside a person’s car. Uncovered by the local public defender’s office, this is the second time in a less than a month footage taken from a police body camera has resulted in criminal charges being dropped.

In this case, body cameras were turned off while the officers planted drugs at the scene. The officers then waited 30 seconds before turning them back on. This would be done to avoid the 30 seconds in which the cameras are made to capture silent footage before the cameras are manually activated.

This would be a series of video footage that has been uncovered in recent weeks reveals a troubling pattern of police misconduct.

The previous incident has lead to 34 charges being dropped for arrests made in connection with the 3 offers.

The Baltimore Police Department has launched its own internal investigation into each incident. Police spokesman for the dept. T.J. Smith stated that the allegations of misconduct are being taken seriously, and all the officers involved are under active investigation.

“The police department works closely with the Office of the Public Defender and the State’s Attorney’s Office,” he said. “Anytime an allegation of misconduct is made, we take it seriously and investigate it fully.”

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