Celine Dion speaks up about comments on her weight loss

Celine Dion has recently been forced to defend herself from body shamers saying that she's gotten too thin. Fans and critics alike have noticed her drastic weight loss and are more concerned than judgemental. But no matter the nature of the ...

Breaking Bad Movie in the works

It's official, Breaking Bad is not yet over! The creators of the highly successful TV series announced that the Breaking Bad Movie is happening. The hit TV series first aired in January 2008 and ran for 5 seasons until it ended in 2013. The ...

Valentine’s Day the Kanye West Way

Kanye West just gave his wife, Kim Kardashian the most extra Valentine's Day surprise ever. It comes as no surprise considering how consistently Kanye showers her with extravagance even on regular days! For Valentines's Day 2019, Kanye filled ...

Could Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper actually be in love?

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have recently been making waves and it's not just because of A Star Is Born. They may be spending all that extra time together to promote the film but fans are saying it's more than that. Little Monsters have come to ...

Kylie Jenner throws huge first birthday party for daughter Stormi

Kylie Jenner finally got to celebrate her daughter's first birthday after having to postpone the party due to bad weather. The 21-year-old's daughter was born on February 1, 2018. The album art for Astroworld served as the inspiration for little ...

Invisible Man Movie Lives On Despite Universal Shelving Dark Universe

The Invisible Man is set to go ahead as a standalone film, with Variety reporting that Leigh Whannell is at the helm as director.

Will the DC Extended Universe Ever be Able to catch up with Marvel?

DC has been the long-term rival to Marvel in the comic book world, but the DC Extended Universe is way behind in film. Will it ever be able to catch up?

Kanye West Pulled Out Of Coachella Over Giant Dome Demands – Report

Kanye West reportedly dropped out of Coachella because festival bosses refused to build him a giant dome. According to editors at Billboard, days before the rapper was due to be revealed as one of the 2019 headliners, he insisted on performing ...

Lil Pump Arrested In Miami

The I Love It star, real name Gary Garcia, had already boarded the Los Angeles-bound plane at Miami International Airport and has been waiting for take-off when among the Transportation Security Administration baggage handlers detected a strong ...

Sylvester Stallone Passed Rocky Torch To Creed II Star Michael B. Jordan

Sylvester Stallone has handed over the Rocky mantle to Creed Ii star Michael B. Jordan.

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