Fit Expo LA 2019

If you know anything about me, you already know my story. I met a girl, and I was 50 pounds overweight. She didn't go out with that type of guy, so I made a lifestyle choice. That choice was to become physically fit and to lose the extra ...

How To Attract Older Women Looking For Younger Men Online

To truly enrapture the attention of an older woman, you have to present yourself as something completely different. You have to be a unique phenomenon she's never experienced in her life.

Los Angeles Fit Expo 2018

When you decide that you need to lose weight you literally can't do that overnight without surgery. New Year's is a good time for resolutions, and most people look in the mirror after they binged on all of their holiday feasts and leftovers and say ...

5 Great Tips On Exercise

Have exercise misconceptions prevented you from starting an exercise program? Clear up any confusion and let our exercise tips improve your workout routine.

Sex — The Stress Buster

Sex can indeed be a great stress reliever, it is not just a feeling well-being that individuals experience after sex. A healthy sex life is an important matter in one's life. In pursuit of living balanced and stress-free lives, sex is often not ...

A Major Online Dating Turn On (Or Turn Off)? Your Credit Score

It turns out your credit score is more important than just credibility to pay back loans. According to a number of consumer surveys and academic studies. A study that was released 2 years ago looked over consumer credit data from 15 years ...

The Truth About Age Gaps in Relationships. Is Age Really Just A Number?

Although some may find the focus on age gaps in relationships somewhat inane, it is, in fact, one of the important factors that affect a relationship.

Top 10 Cures For A Hangover Free Day After

It’s the morning after that insane night before. You wake up on the floor of your room in the same clothes you wore last night and you can still taste the remnants of the fast food that you inhaled on the way home. Upon opening your eyes you utter ...

Become a Sex God With These 5 Easy Tips

Any true sex god knows that more sex is not better; better sex is better; for the tangoe-ing twosome and humankind as a whole. Better sex is the essence of better health. The most common problem for couples looking for better sex is that they don't ...

Plug or Snip? A New Potential Option for Male Birth Control

Would you rather go for a plug, or a cut? Currently, there are limited options for male birth control. As oppose to women who have various methods to choose from, men only have a few choices such as the use of condoms and vasectomy. Vasectomy is ...

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