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E3 Expo 2017 Top Game News, Announcements, and Highlights

The press conferences for E3 Expo 2017 have ended, but the excitement for some of the major announcements has yet to die down. There are countless hype reels, hardware updates, and game release announcements. However, there are only a few that stood out to avid gamers. These are the biggest ...

Fitbit Tracks Sleep: The Latest App for Wellness and Fitness

Fitbit’s latest Blaze application update brings physical wellness to a higher level as Fitbit tracks sleep with its Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights. According to Gadgets and Wearables, this latest update enables to record how much rapid eye movement (REM) a typical person is getting each night. ...

Common Hunter Trail Camera Viewer for iPhone and iPad

One of the challenges the game surveillance encounters is transferring image files from a memory card to another gadget. Aside from the fact that transferring files consumes a lot of time, it is also inconvenient to bring an additional item such as a bulky laptop or a PC. The hunting supply ...

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