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Fitbit Tracks Sleep: The Latest App for Wellness and Fitness

Fitbit’s latest Blaze application update brings physical wellness to a higher level as Fitbit tracks sleep with its Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights. According to Gadgets and Wearables, this latest update enables to record how much rapid eye movement (REM) a typical person is getting each night. ...

Common Hunter Trail Camera Viewer for iPhone and iPad

One of the challenges the game surveillance encounters is transferring image files from a memory card to another gadget. Aside from the fact that transferring files consumes a lot of time, it is also inconvenient to bring an additional item such as a bulky laptop or a PC. The hunting supply ...

Super Mario Run Heads to Google Play Store a Day Early

Super Mario Run — Nintendo’s first Mario game for smartphones — is now available on Android, following its launch on iOS last year, in a surprise launch ahead of the originally announced March 23rd release date. We've released #SuperMarioRun on Android a bit early! Download it now on Google ...

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