• insanasylumllc posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    DJ/Mixologist ~ GMAN “Dah Mad Scientist” – Hosted by The REAL Rasheed.
    This second installment of the Whatchu Talkin’ Bout? mixtape series bangs from begining to end while showing the diversity for which InsanAsylum Production is known. Incorporating MCs from Alexandria, LA; Atlanta, GA; Seattle, WA: Houston, TX; Trinidad/Jamaica; Yonker, NY; Chicago, IL; Lake Charles, LA; Bronx, NY; Tulsa, OK; Boston, MA; Brooklyn, NY & cuts from GMAN of Denver, CO/Prentiss, MS. WE aim high and deliver the goods! So sit back…smoke, clean, drive, workout, party, chill..whatever it is you do when You Do You do it…this is your soundtrack to do it to!

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