Drip Harder

Drip Harder

Lil Baby and Gunna have set a new milestone in the world of musical rap with their latest release of Drip Harder. The album can be seen cynically. The longer you listen to their rap, the longer you want to transfix. Their chemistry in this album is superb which has helped them to earn various comments “Deep End” and “Close Friends” for Lil Baby while the titles like “Style Stealer” and “World Is Yours” are for Gunna. This album is a homage to their respective series of mixtapes. The bond between two rappers can be seen in the album.

Drip Harder album

This album Drip Harder is more opulent and flashier. It is a successor to mixtape “Rich Gang Tha Tour Pt. 1”. “Helluva Price”, “Drippin”, “Almighty (produced by Turbo)” and “Pedestrian” are some of the top numbers of this album. The performance of the duo in Drip Harder will be remembered by everyone and the Hip-Hop superstars.

Drip Harder album

A melodically light rap is created by Lil Baby and Gunna in a pop-rap tone.  The song “Deep End” is about a story of the gang activity, gun violence, and drug relapse. “Off White VLONE” is the opener in which Lil is mumbling in his comical chauvinism and move lightly as hi-hats.

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