Good Bye and Good Riddance Review

On 23rd of May 2018, rapper Jared Higgins aka Juice Wrld released his debut album named Good Bye and Good Riddance. The song ‘All Girls Are the Same’ from the album has a trendy appeal to it, and Juice Wrld seemed to be brokenhearted in the song. This single topped the charts for several weeks after which the singer launched his first album which is emotional and petty.

Good Bye and Good Riddance

Juice Wrld’s debut album features guest appearances of various other artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Sidepce, Mitch Mula, etc. The track Lucid Dream from the album can be considered as a blend of rap and psychedelic rock. The fourth track from the album, Lean Wit Me is appreciated for the lyrics and guitar beats which are too catchy and for sure will make you tap your feet.

Good Bye and Good Riddance

Juice Wrld’s debut album is considered as an essential for all school going teenagers as he has sung songs related to teenage issues. Hurt Me; I’ll Be Fine and Scared of Love songs are a blend of lost love and drug abuse. The other thing which adds charm to the album is songwriting skills of Higgins, the lyrics of the album primarily focus on the sulkiness which people feel due to heartbreak.

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